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Environmental Concerns

california-state-flag.gifRandal Trucks are made in Southern California, with some of the toughest air quality regulations in the world. We employ local labor, and puchase shop supplies from local vendors. We try in every way to minimize the amount of travel required to bring you quality Randal products, beginning with manufacturing in America.  We feel that with all the environmental problems, and human rights violations, it would be pretty hypocritical of us to make trucks in China. It's quality you can trust when you are pushing your trucks to the limit. 

Did you know: China's environmental problems also affect the rest of the world. The country has surpassed the United States as the world's largest contributor of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas, to the atmosphere. And unless China adopts environmentally friendly technologies, according to the International Energy Agency, in 25 years it will emit twice as much carbon dioxide as all the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development combined.